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SMARTeZ® Elastomeric Infusion Pumps

The SMARTeZ® Pump allows medication to be delivered to the patient by positive pressure applied by the elastomeric membrane. The flow rate is determined by the combination of the flow regulation device (flow restrictor) and positive pressure. This pressure delivers the solution against the back-pressure of catheters and blood pressure in the veins. Back-pressure affects the flow rate.

The Right Choice with SMARTeZ® Pumps

Not all pumps are created Equal. SMARTeZ® offers unique differences that supports safe and effective infusion for patients. Caregivers find the pump very easy to use. Of course, DEHP and Latex Free is a standard specification.

  • Extensive Drug Compatibility Studies

    Extensive drug studies are conducted with SMARTeZ® Pumps. These are documented in American Society of Healthcare Professionals (ASHP) Manual of Extended Parenteral 6th Ed. 2017. The use of silicone material as the drug reservoir facilitates compatibility with a broader range of drugs.

  • USFDA Extractables And Leachables Clearance

    The SMARTeZ® Pump obtained USFDA clearance in 2015 (K151650). All pumps cleared after 2014 are required to comply to Extractables and Leachables Testing in accordance to FDA Guidance “Infusion Pumps Total Product Life Cycle“ dated Dec 2014. Chemical characterization performed in Extractables and Leachables tests ensures that the SMARTeZ® is safe from health risks associated with exposure to chemical elements released from the materials used.

  • Accurate Flow Rate

    SMARTeZ® Pumps are calibrated to ensure that the pressure generated in a filled pump delivers the intended flow rate.

  • Phthalate Free

    None of the system components are made using natural rubber latex. Furthermore, our proprietary manufacturing process ensures zero contact between natural rubber latex and all of the system components during production.

  • Two Silicone Membranes

    The SMARTeZ® Pump has 2 layers of silicone membranes. This improves flow accuracy and reduces residual volume when infusion is complete.

  • Mobile App Support

    Several Mobile Apps are available to improve patient user outcomes in alternate sites and at home - VSCAN and Chemo CS App.

    • eZVSCAN enables an assessment of the volume of medication remaining in the pump and also reminds users of imminent end of infusion. Pharmacists benefit from the easily accessible information on pump filling specifications.
    • SMARTeZ®Chemo CS App (Chemo Closed System Pump) helps eliminate human errors and improves patient safety with its on-board drug library.

SMARTeZ® Pump Models

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SMARTeZ® - Chemo Closed System

With Chemo Closed System, patients receive therapy from a closed system device. Unlike the usual luer connectors (including needle-less connectors), Chemo CS ensures all access points are dry. The focus on exposure safe therapy encompasses each and every step of the therapy chain, from filling the pump to its disposal after use.

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